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Monarca Wixarica Tzicuri

Monarca Wixarica Tzicuri

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The Wixárika Cosmogony, with its ancestral origin, emerges from the mists of time, like the same guardians of an ancient tale. Emigrating from distant lands in the northwest of Mexico, their path took them to the mountains of Nayarit, Jalisco, Durango and Zacatecas, where nature became their muse. Their love for the land and their deep connection to the cosmos are intertwined in a passionate story that has endured through the centuries. The Huichol are like poets of life, writing their story in the stars and in the sacred cult of peyote, a dance of eternal love with the universe.

Discover a journey of creativity through this collection inspired by the Huichol cosmogony with colors that represent the Eye of God (tzicuri), The Deer (kauyumari) and The Peyote (Hicuri) with inkwells made by Huichol artist Martin Gonzales. Let your writing be a tribute to the Huichol connection to the cosmos and bring your thoughts to life in a truly unique way.

The Eye of God (tzicuri), a symbol that symbolizes power and protection, used during Huichol ceremonies. Each specific color and design used in the Eye of God has a special meaning in the Huichol worldview, thus creating an artistic expression that reflects their cultural and spiritual heritage.

Each inkwell is a work of art, unique and unrepeatable, therefore it may vary in the geometric shape represented as well as the color of the beads used.


Includes wooden base

Monarca Stationery Fine Writing Ink

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