Our Story

In our relentless pursuit of exquisite stationery, we've come to a striking realization: Latin American analog tools, particularly those crafted in Mexico, remain a hidden treasure, seldom accessible to the wider world.

Our mission is to share the sheer delight of contemporary Latin American design through our carefully curated collection of stationery. We aspire to transform your workspace into an aesthetic haven with these thoughtfully selected tools.

Mascot's head encircled in the words "Latin American Stationery" 

The conception of "Amarillo Stationery" has been a labor of love, evolving over several months. But why "Amarillo," you might wonder? Amarillo is the Spanish word for yellow. Yet, it represents so much more—it is the hue of happiness and optimism, a beacon of enlightenment and creativity, reminiscent of sunshine and the rejuvenation of spring. In a world that often feels muted and monotonous, we believe we all need a bit more Amarillo in our lives, a splash of color to brighten our daily routines.

Throughout the peculiar and challenging years of lockdown, we embarked on a journey of self-discovery, leaning into the comforts of stationery and analog tools to navigate our professional and personal lives. It was during this period of exploration that we stumbled upon a treasure trove of Mexican and Latin American brands, hidden in plain sight.

This revelation fueled our passion and inspired the birth of Amarillo Stationery. Our primary goal is to cast a spotlight on the captivating world of handcrafted, modern stationery design—a stark departure from the clichéd folkloric design language often associated with the region. We want to showcase the ingenuity, sophistication, and contemporary flair that Latin American artisans bring to the world of stationery, inviting you to embrace a new dimension of creativity and style in your daily life.

Join us in this colorful voyage as we explore the limitless possibilities of stationery, and let Amarillo Stationery infuse your life with the vividness and creativity that only "Amarillo" can bring.