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Jose Naranja

Donau's Journey

Donau's Journey

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Donau’s Journey (El viaje de Donau) is not only a journey along the wise river but also a journey through all of our lives, from biological birth all the way to the sea, with many surprises along the way.

Donau's Journey takes the form of the classic game "El juego de la oca" and it's more than a just board game. I used the goose game structure as a geometrical base for numerology, links between squares and relationships everywhere. And it can be used for play as well!

This is the English version only.

José saw and admired a version by Rafael Alberti in Reina Sofía museum many years ago. He had always wanted to do something similar and finally started to put ideas together in April 2016. This new creation was growing quite fast and a huge quantity of inspiration came to him both day and night. He was fully focused on this project in April and May 2017 in order to complete it. He was too immersed in this fascinating and crazy river.

It was done using mainly Rotring Isograph with Rotring ink and watercolors for the drawings and pencils for some details. Fountain pen for the text. Of course all hand done. No tech applied.

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