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BSC - Writer's Briefcase Slim

BSC - Writer's Briefcase Slim

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Life is an open box… new Writers Briefcase Slim with new interior top lid pocket. Made with Wood Veneer

This beautiful SLIM briefcase is designed for the creative scavenger, the painter, writer, journaler, etc. For all the adventurous at heart that don't want to break the bank in the process.

Carries your current arsenal of tools from the studio to a coffee shop, park, a class, reunion, everywhere! And transform it into a functional working desk in your lap or table.

This slim briefcase has great features:
- Store your notebooks, books, or favorite papers in this new interior top lid pocket made of painted cardboard and elastics for pens, pencils, rulers, papers, ephemera, etc.
- Black Canvas interior
- Exterior Brass tag holder so you can personalize.
- Black Leather handle and strap.
- Convert your briefcase into a writing desk easily by sliding and lifting the hidden stick, creating a comfortable angle specially for writing.

12.2" x 9.9" x 2.1"

*Does not include instruments shown in photos.
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