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La Libreteria

La Libreteria | Meditate, Work, Explore, and Plan

La Libreteria | Meditate, Work, Explore, and Plan

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We all write down ideas, thoughts, projects, appointments, plans and a little bit of everything in a notebook, on pieces of paper, on the cell phone 😪 everywhere and suddenly, ideas become disjointed notes.

🤝 So we joined Elisa @mambruu and created this series of notebooks that each one has a function, these notebooks have the mission of helping you keep your ideas in order, separate your plans from your reflections and the to-do lists from your ideas, each notebook reflects that little world that happens when you dedicate yourself only to planning, exploring, meditating and working.


9x14cm, spine sewn, soft touch, open flat, 90g bond paper, each set includes 4 notebooks, 60 pages / 30 sheets.

Set of four or individual

Sheet Styles: Meditate: blank sheets, Work: To Do Sheets, Explore: Dot grid, Plan: ruled sheets.

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